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The iTrace Prime Dashboard

Better Information, Better Decisions

The iTrace Prime Dashboard is the latest step forward in the commitment from Tracey Technologies to provide unmatched innovation. Using proprietary algorithms and data derived from a single, quick iTrace scan, the measured information helps doctors understand their patients' vision - and easily educate patients - in a whole new way, making the iTrace an essential tool for any practice.

What is the iTrace Prime Dashboard?

Tracey's patented Dysfunctional Lens Index (DLI) changed the game for practitioners looking to identify the source of their patient’s vision issues and track lens degradation over time. Included in iTrace Version 7.0, the Prime Dashboard now takes this unique benefit and extends it to the whole eye.

Now, you can quantify vision loss in the lens with the DLI, plus the cornea with the new Corneal Performance Index (CPI™), and then add those two parts of a whole to view the new total eye Quality of Vision Index (QVI™). All three metrics are important parts of understanding how to get the best outcomes for your patients — and the product of algorithms unique to the iTrace.

What Does the Prime Dashboard Do?


With the Prime Dashboard, the iTrace Prime can take the Corneal Performance Index (CPI™) and the Quality of Vision Index (QVI™) to the Dysfunctional Lens Index (DLI) and separate corneal performance from internal optical performance, representing both numerically on a 0 to 10 scale, and combining them to produce a 0 to 10 metric that accurately assesses the quality of vision from the entire eye.

  • View a simple, visual display of the comparison between the performance of the lens and the cornea - and the combined optics of both.
  • Provide patient-specific vision education that they can easily understand and retain.
  • Make even more informed decisions about surgery or treatment plans.
  • Help patients quickly understand their vision correction options
  • Show patients the value in choosing premium IOLs, generating more practice revenue while increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Optometrists can make better decisions about when to refer patients out for surgery and have the proper tools for co-management.

The Real Value of the Prime Dashboard

With the iTrace Prime Dashboard, patient satisfaction is a top priority. By utilizing the DLI, CPI, and QVI, any issues with vision can be identified before discussing treatment options. Thanks to iTrace displays, which can be accessed on any computer or tablet, patients can gain a comprehensive understanding of their vision and have informed conversations about the best course of action.

For patients opting for a lens-based procedure to their vision problems, the Toric Toggle is the perfect tool to help them visualize the outcome of their procedure. By simply clicking the eyeglasses icon, patients can see firsthand how their vision will look without an astigmatic IOL and what to expect post-surgery. This feature ensures that patients are well-informed and that expectations are appropriately set.


An All-in-One Surgical Display

The Prime Dashboard makes the iTrace the first tool on the market to provide unmatched visual analysis while also offering surgeons the data they need to make the right decisions when surgery is necessary to improve or correct a patient’s vision — all in a single display.

Providing critical data, including highly accurate Wavefront-Ks, corneal topography data, refractive power and more, the Prime Dashboard adds efficiency to every pre-op exam and makes it easier to provide the best possible outcomes from surgery.